Specialized industries and sectors require specialized expertise. Whether a business’ specialization is technical-based or process-related, RMP’s Team navigates each turn effortlessly, providing a tremendous value-added, turnkey solution. Our team has specialized experience navigating through the trial and tribulations of the following sectors:

Home Furnishings

As a seasoned operator of retail disposition and clearance events, RMP’s industry-specific expertise clients must contend with the outside forces shaping this segment of retail sales.

We specialize in operating liquidation and auction services for department stores and furniture stores. We have experience with small stores and national chains. We have been involved in augmentation of sales in bankruptcies for more than two decades.


RMP Partners places a strong emphasis on supporting companies, small businesses and individuals that serve the legal field, recognizing the unique needs and challenges within this sector. Through targeted marketing efforts, RMP effectively reaches legal professionals and organizations, highlighting solutions tailored to their specific requirements. By focusing on this niche market, RMP ensures its strategies and services are finely tuned to address the intricacies of the legal industry, fostering strong client relationships and delivering impactful results. This specialized approach allows RMP to position itself as a trusted partner in providing marketing solutions.


RMP Partners integrates a variety of tactics to effectively connect, engage and sell to our intended market aiming to cultivate long-term customer relationships and drive repeat sales.  Our team employs a multifaceted marketing strategy that leverages various platforms, including email, and social media.  Through targeted campaigns, we effectively communicate with potential and existing customers, delivering personalized messages and promotions.  Additionally, RMP utilizes Meta to engage with a broad audience, leveraging its expansive reach and diverse advertising options. 

Real Estate

In the event a company does not own outright property, lease restructuring can prove beneficial. This option allows companies to optimize their leased real estate assets and produce significant benefits by reducing their expense structure and generating cash-flow. Lease restructuring solutions target all forms of leasehold obligations, including rent reduction, lease renewal, assignment /sublease, or lease termination.

When a company owns its properties, RMP offers insight in constructing competitive bidding environments and structuring the asset sales to maximize the value of all real estate assets. RMP’s acumen in selling or restructuring both owned and leased properties provides clients an inestimable resource.


RMP specializes in providing comprehensive consulting services tailored specifically for oil and gas companies seeking to optimize their energy assets. Our team's extensive experience in the oil and gas sector enables us to tailor solutions for a variety of energy assets. We are able to address the diverse needs of lenders, operators and investors alike. Our expertise encompasses strategic analysis, risk assessment and innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and maximize returns. With a deep understanding of the industry landscape, we offer personalized guidance to navigate the complexities of the energy sector effectively.  


We have been involved and advise on the sales and purchases of hospitals in bankruptcy, liquidation of medical equipment and marketing and monetizing real estate facilities specializing in the healthcare industry. We have also secured funding for medical receivables of letters of protection for medical services providers.

Professional Services

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

RMP‘s approach to assessing businesses and offering guidance to management is comprehensive and holistic. Our clients can rest assured that the business strategy offered is sound, validated and focused.

Asset Monitization

Asset Monetization

Our asset monetization division is built on the knowledge and experience RMP holds in various tangible & intangible asset categories. Asset monetization is the cornerstone on which business thrive and companies achieve high liquidity.

Valuation Appraisal

Valuation Services

RMP Partners uses a systematic approach to determine market value of an asset, property or entity. This process assesses various factors to provide an informed and objective valuation.

Direct Investment

Direct Investment

We provide direct equity investment and lending options to companies within our portfolio. We look for opportunities within our core competency with high growth potential.

Valuation Appraisal

Distressed Solutions

Our bankruptcy advisors assist our clients in navigating the plethora of non-legal bankruptcy challenges with the intent to maximizing the client’s investment and asset values.