RMP Partners is an established investment and full-service advisory firm that helps businesses,  lenders, and professionals understand and maximize the value of tangible and intangible assets.


We invest and manage start ups and other companies within our core competency that include the business of home goods, real estate, legal and energy sectors. In addition to providing direct investment opportunities we provide financing advisory services and do turnaround work for companies where we find potential that are facing difficult circumstances.

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RMP Partners seek investment opportunities in companies with strong growth potential, solid financial performance and are in need of operational improvements.


Specialized industries and sectors require specialized expertise. Whether a business’ specialization is technical-based or process-related, RMP’s Team navigates each turn effortlessly, providing a tremendous value-added, turnkey solution. We target businesses that demonstrate a clear path to profitability where our team is then able to drive value creation.


Professional Services

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

RMP‘s approach to assessing businesses and offering guidance to management is comprehensive and holistic. Our clients can rest assured that the business strategy offered is sound, validated and focused.

Asset Monitization

Asset Monetization

Our asset monetization division is built on the knowledge and experience RMP holds in various tangible & intangible asset categories. Asset monetization is the cornerstone on which business thrive and companies achieve high liquidity.

Valuation Appraisal

Valuation Services

RMP Partners uses a systematic approach to determine market value of an asset, property or entity. This process assesses various factors to provide an informed and objective valuation.

Direct Investment

Direct Investment

We provide direct equity investment and lending options to companies within our portfolio. We look for opportunities within our core competency with high growth potential.

Valuation Appraisal

Distressed Solutions

Our bankruptcy advisors assist our clients in navigating the plethora of non-legal bankruptcy challenges with the intent to maximizing the client’s investment and asset values.

Our Focus

Home Furnishings

RMP Partners focus is home and home décor related companies including brands, operating businesses, and online identities.

Real Estate

Properly valuing and liquidating a company’s real estate assets is fundamental in addressing a company’s or lending bank’s core objectives.


Our emphasis lies in companies offering services that cater to the legal field.

Energy Sector

Located in the Energy Capital of Houston, Texas, our Team’s exposure to the Oil and Gas industry allows us to craft customized options for energy assets.


Our marketing sector highlights areas of expansion, improvement and growth, showcasing the potential and the value we've added to our portfolio of companies.

Health Care

RMP provides unequaled insight into the drivers of change and value that support clients in meeting the demands of the Sector today and in the future.