Advisory Services

RMP‘s approach to assessing businesses and offering guidance to management is comprehensive and holistic. Our clients can rest assured that the business strategy offered is sound, validated and focused.

There is no substitute for the immense benefit that experience and business wisdom can provide clients, especially during turbulent and challenging times.

Turnaround Management

Turnaround and Asset Optimization Advisory Services provide targeted solutions that improve operational efficiencies and unlock unrealized value from existing assets.

Management teams, corporate boards, and bank lenders turn to RMP to provide insight and expertise in advising and addressing the challenges in today’s fast-moving economy. RMP is recognized industry-wide as the “turn around” advisors who possess the experience and expertise required to provide customized solutions that meet critical, long-term operational stability needs and short-term assets liquidation.

In times of rapid change and potential economic uncertainty, companies can address dynamic challenges by bolstering internal resources with external experience. In liquidity and time-constrained environments, developing a revitalization plan is key to your success.

RMP offers a diverse suite of financial and economic advisory services to companies and their stakeholders who seek trusted advice based on fact-based analytics and experience. Our professional team possesses extensive experience dealing with the complex issues companies face in today’s challenging environment.

Interim Management

RMP has experienced specialists who are capable of augmenting and/or assuming control over an enterprise on an interim basis as requested by prior management or dictated by creditors. Our seasoned executive staff works hand-in-hand with the company’s C-suite executives and advisory board to create an effective and efficient turnaround plan and restructuring team.

We first establish clear and attainable short-term and long-term goals, which enables existing management to focus on the continued revenue growth of a company. Meanwhile, our specialists develop innovative solutions to deal with pre-existing issues. RMP’s extensive experience augmenting management roles of troubled companies of all sizes focuses on past problems while allowing the existing companies’ executive team to plan for the future.

When winding-down operations, our Team calls on decades of experience in dealing with a wide range of complex issues. Whether a managed wind-down or Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABCs) [a proven alternative to bankruptcy or bankruptcy] RMP provides guidance as to the best options and the consequences of each.  RMP offers turn-key solutions, guiding and then implementing through each step of the process.

Debt Reductions and Renegotiations

RMP’s Team has decades of expertise in managing corporate obligations, as well as renegotiating these obligations when appropriate or necessary.  From the restructuring of a few troublesome obligations to streamlining or reducing debt, RMP has a proven track record of success.

Controlling cash burn is critical to the survival of any business. RMP has developed and implemented specific restructuring plans for many diverse situations. Our Specialists advise on all structures of liability,  including short and long-term credit facilities, subordinated and convertible debt issuances, trade credit, real estate & equipment leases, and contractual obligations.

If an operation finds itself at a financially tenuous juncture, the management team must focus on current and future business activities, and revenue generation.  Hassling with creditors and collection agencies is a waste of valuable executive efforts. RMP’s Team deals with the complexity of improving financial situations through negotiation, improving the company’s financial standing and allowing management the freedom to focus on day-to-day operations.

RMP’s stellar history of successfully dealing with the largest creditors in the nation allows us to work toward a tenable, fair situation for all parties and ensure that our client’s integrity and goodwill are preserved.

Digital Asset / IP Conversion

Intellectual Property (IP) refers to a category of property that includes the intangible creations of human intellect. The most widely known types are copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. Often, IP appears in the form of proprietary technology, which has implied monetary value and should be aggressively protected in the same way as other corporate assets.

One aspect of RMP’s uniqueness is our ability to bring value to the intellectual property of an organization.  This value is often referred to as “Return on Innovation” or “ROI”. Assessing the ROI involves not only a financial mind but a creative one as well.  RMP determines which IP strategy best enhances the value of a company’s proprietary and unique intellectual property as it pertains to specific industries.  

Our Legal Team is well versed in valuing brands, trademarks/trade names, customer lists, URLs, contracts, patents, trade secrets, unpatented technology & know-how, copyrights, goodwill, and other intangible assets. These valuations quantify intangible assets for a variety of purposes, including business planning, financing, litigation, financial reporting, and mergers & acquisitions.

Lending / Contract Representation

RMP Partners assists its clients in working with local and federal government. Our advisors can help clients navigate the complicate process of applying and qualifying various government lending programs that could help their businesses, especially during emergencies.

Our accountants and CPA’s work hand in hand with management in supporting and guiding our clients as what programs they qualify for and best course to assist in the request for funding, grants, subsidies, and other matters relating to the public sector. We have also helped our clients expand their businesses by assisting them in finding and applying for public sector contracts for goods and services. We serve as a bridge between our clients and the public sector.

Business Advisory Services

RMP Partners is a full-service advisory firm that helps businesses, lenders, and professional advisors understand and maximize the value of tangible and intangible assets. Our services include asset appraisal, liquidation, monetization, and advisory solutions for companies in financial and operating distress or which are undergoing restructuring and closure.

Valuation Services

Our Asset Valuation Platform and Services Division is built on the knowledge and experience RMP holds in various tangible/intangible asset categories. Valuation of assets is the cornerstone on which lenders provide financing. Our valuation services support our clients in mergers, acquisitions, liquidations, and many other transactions.

Liquidation Services

Liquidation Services

RMP’s goal is to simplify the process of liquidation and maximize value to the owners, investors, and creditors of the company. When we manage liquidation proceedings, we understand that every day is critical, with one single goal in mind — to fully monetize the available assets. By methodically and efficiently stabilizing the main assets of a company, our liquidation experts provide an orderly process to dispose of and fully monetize all corporate assets.

Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy can be a complicated and intimidating process. It is comprised of many moving parts and many parties, including debtors, secured creditors, unsecured creditors, and an array of professionals and parties with their own vested interests. Our bankruptcy advisors assist our clients in navigating the plethora of non-legal bankruptcy challenges with the intent to maximizing the client’s investment and asset values.

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