RMP’s goal is to simplify the process of liquidation and maximize value to the owners, investors, and creditors of the company. When we manage liquidation proceedings, we understand that every day is critical, with one single goal in mind — to fully monetize the available assets. 

By methodically and efficiently stabilizing the main assets of a company, our liquidation experts provide an orderly process to dispose of and fully monetize all corporate assets.

Managed Asset Monetization

Managed Asset Monetization is a way of adding more cash to the balance sheet, reducing debt-to-capital ratios, and paying down an asset-backed loan. Monetization goes right to the balance sheet and improves cash-on-hand, allowing an organization to improve its financial position and/or get back to its core mission.

At times, a Managed Liquidation is the most appropriate option when winding-down a business operation, such as when corporate operations are relatively straight-forward and the balance sheet is not overly burdened with complicated debt arrangements.  If this situation arises, a Managed Liquidation may be more attractive than a formal bankruptcy filing or Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABCs). It may also be an alternative when an owner or board determines that its company has run its course and it is time to close.

RMP simplifies the process of liquidation and maximizes the outcome for the owners, investors, and creditors of the company.

RMP restores the organization and quiets the chaos. By methodically and efficiently tackling the key stress points, as well as stabilizing the main assets in the company, RMP’s Managed Asset Monetization Division provides an orderly process to “wrapping up” the corporate operations while efficiently and fully monetizing the assets.

Consumer Goods

Our Consumer Goods Team specializes in monetizing wholesale, distributor, and retail consumer inventory on a standalone basis or in concert with manufacturing or retail operations. To provide the most comprehensive and detailed perspective on value, our Team conducts a deep-dive analysis of the sales channels to provide an accurate assessment of the preferred, revenue-driven exit strategy.

RMP’s vast experience in selling consumer products to buyers across multiple sales channels provides a robust market perspective on the true value of the inventory and the optimal sales strategy to unlock top-dollar.

Machinery & Equipment

Fixed assets and machinery are a critical component of any business. RMP specializes in maximizing the value of machinery and equipment throughout the supply chain. We offer customized strategies to optimize fixed asset portfolios ranging from heavy equipment and manufacturing machinery to retail and commercial furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E).

Across the industrial economy, RMP has bought, sold, operated and valued assets for all manner of large and small companies. Our unique insight, paired with hands-on disposition experience, offers clients the “depth-and-breadth” expertise necessary to maximize opportunity through challenging times.

Wholesale Liquidation

Many companies suffer from excess inventory, aged inventory, or even returns in their warehouses, which limits their cash availability. Across all industries – home furnishings, apparel, electronics, healthcare and many more, RMP arranges for the global wholesale purchase and sale of goods. We connect buyers and sellers, either through our online portals or by introduction, based on our existing relationships.  RMP serves as a clearinghouse for bulk wholesale sale and purchase of inventory. 

Retail Liquidation

With years of experience participating in major retail disposition efforts, the RMP Team offers recovery and monetization plans to recapture needed sales and values. Our retail experts dispose of millions of dollars of inventory every year. We devise exit strategies based on our analysis of the current situation of each business to maximize recovery.

Our team provides a point-in-time value, along with 6, 12 & 18-month projection models to demonstrate how seasonality could affect appraisal values. We also include additional sales channels (e.g. e-commerce, online auctions, etc.) in our analysis to reflect the status of dynamic retail sales in today’s marketplace. Regardless of your particular business situation, RMP is positioned to add value to your liquidation efforts.

Auction House Liquidation

Whether our clients are closing a facility, relocating or remodeling, RMP’s customized disposition program will help convert excess and unproductive assets into valuable monetary resources. To facilitate a quick disposition, options exist to conduct an auction of excess inventory to get top dollar for assets in the shortest time possible. Our digital, in-house team and partner companies provide state-of-the-art platforms that market to a large, online customer base.  If online isn’t for you, we also facilitate on and off-site live-auctions.

Business Advisory Services

RMP Partners is a full-service advisory firm that helps businesses, lenders, and professional advisors understand and maximize the value of tangible and intangible assets. Our services include asset appraisal, liquidation, monetization, and advisory solutions for companies in financial and operating distress or which are undergoing restructuring and closure.

Valuation Services

Our Asset Valuation Platform and Services Division is built on the knowledge and experience RMP holds in various tangible / intangible asset categories. Valuation of assets is the cornerstone on which lenders provide financing. Our valuation services support our clients in mergers, acquisitions, liquidations, and many other transactions.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

RMP‘s approach to assessing businesses and offering guidance to management is comprehensive and holistic. Our clients can rest assured that the business strategy offered is sound, validated and focused. There is no substitute for the immense benefit that experience and business wisdom can provide clients, especially during turbulent and challenging times.

Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy can be a complicated and intimidating process. It is comprised of many moving parts and many parties, including debtors, secured creditors, unsecured creditors, and an array of professionals and parties with their own vested interests. Our bankruptcy advisors assist our clients in navigating the plethora of non-legal bankruptcy challenges with the intent to maximizing the client’s investment and asset values.

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