Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy can be a complicated and intimidating process.  It is comprised of many moving parts and many parties, including debtors, secured creditors, unsecured creditors, and an array of professionals and parties with their own vested interests.

Our bankruptcy advisors assist our clients in navigating the plethora of non-legal bankruptcy challenges with the intent to maximizing the client’s investment and asset values.

Special Asset Solutions

Within lending institutions lies departments called Special Asset Divisions, where underperforming loans are typically categorized. RMP works closely with the Special Asset Divisions to craft strategic financial and operational assistance to help bring the borrowers back into covenants. We work alongside our clients in assisting with the disposal of assets, liquidating inventory or assets, renegotiating terms, and providing management and strategic planning. We also market the banknotes held against loans that may be more suitable for other companies to service or own.

Bankruptcy Advisory

Companies that file or are contemplating filing for bankruptcy need advice and guidance on strategies of financial and operational decisions. RMP works closely with the debtor or debtor’s attorney to devise a liquidation or restructuring plan before filing for bankruptcy. The guidance and projections provided by the professionals at RMP often result in a better Plan (and therefore execution) in both Chapter 11 and 7 filings. RMP also assists companies in ensuring that the recovery and strategy of modernizing assets are well defined and articulated in the restructuring plan.

Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors (ABCs)

When a company is forced into the difficult decision between filing for bankruptcy or considering an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC), RMP is present with invaluable insight and knowledge to properly guide private and public companies.

The RMP Team is skilled in interpreting the complexities of Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors (ABCs) and provides an all-inclusive, strategic plan to properly and efficiently monetize the assets for the benefit of the creditors as required.

State & Federal Receivers

RMP and its Principals serve as both State and Federal Receivers. As Receivers, RMP’s primary focus is to maximize the enterprise value of a company, while limiting disputes and legal fees.  The end goal is to maximize recovery for clients, which in many cases is the estate. In a receivership, RMP takes a proactive role to create liquidity, improve operations, monetize assets, and oversee an orderly liquidation process. RMP assists secured creditors or other entities with each step, to effectuate a Receivership and take possession of the collateral. Our approach in this regard is coordinated and professional, harmoniously working with all parties to initiate threshold steps to protect asset value.

Debtor & Creditor Representation

Insolvent companies that enter a formal Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing are assigned by the Court a Creditor Committee to represent the creditors’ collective rights and to initiate the investigation process to develop financial strategies moving forward.

The benefits of retaining an experienced, independent, third-party advisor who can provide financial insight and assistance in developing the liquidation strategy are innumerable. RMP acts as the liaison between the Creditor Committee and the creditor, vastly improving and making more efficient the cumbersome communication process.

RMP’s Team accurately assesses and provides guidance to clients in the monetizing of assets; hence, the Creditor Committee is better equipped to effectively evaluate a debtor’s portfolio and act decisively in the best interest of all parties.

Litigation Financing

RMP brings unrivaled expertise in monetizing the value of upcoming and pending litigation claims. In addition, RMP provides liquidity to corporate claimants, prolonging immediate cash to bankruptcy estates and trustees, and provides support for the use of litigation claims as collateral for asset-based loans.

Our Team also offers direct expense funding to legal counsel and their corporate clients in support of meritorious commercial litigation claims. We have experience deploying capital throughout the life span of commercial litigation – from due diligence to litigation or arbitration proceedings.

Business Advisory Services

RMP Partners is a full-service advisory firm that helps businesses, lenders, and professional advisors understand and maximize the value of tangible and intangible assets. Our services include asset appraisal, liquidation, monetization, and advisory solutions for companies in financial and operating distress or which are undergoing restructuring and closure.

Valuation Services

Our Asset Valuation Platform and Services Division is built on the knowledge and experience RMP holds in various tangible/intangible asset categories. Valuation of assets is the cornerstone on which lenders provide financing. Our valuation services support our clients in mergers, acquisitions, liquidations, and many other transactions.

Liquidation Services

Liquidation Services

RMP’s goal is to simplify the process of liquidation and maximize value to the owners, investors, and creditors of the company. When we manage liquidation proceedings, we understand that every day is critical, with one single goal in mind — to fully monetize the available assets. By methodically and efficiently stabilizing the main assets of a company, our liquidation experts provide an orderly process to dispose of and fully monetize all corporate assets.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

RMP‘s approach to assessing businesses and offering guidance to management is comprehensive and holistic. Our clients can rest assured that the business strategy offered is sound, validated and focused. There is no substitute for the immense benefit that experience and business wisdom can provide clients, especially during turbulent and challenging times.

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